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      近年來,高溫老化房已廣泛覆蓋電子、塑膠制品、電器、儀表、食品、車輛、金屬、化學、建材、航天、醫療…等領域,市場需求量空前增大。那高溫老化房緊俏原因何在呢,這首先得從老化房設備說起。高溫老化房,顧名思義就是在一個可以產生高溫的房間里面,將產品在規定的溫度與時間里進行老化測試。老化房外框架構采用保溫庫板隔間組合而成,配上主配電箱、測試架、溫度控制器、定時器、各種電器開關、加溫電熱器、盤架、拉門、循環風機、排風機、插座等設備模擬出一種高溫、惡劣環境(40℃ -70℃±5℃、電源ON-OFF動作等),讓產品在此環境中接上模擬負載通電運作,測試時間可在0-99.9小時內任意設定,通過此測試程序可查出不良品或不良零件,是制程、品管必備之設備。相對于常見的實驗室內的高溫箱而言,其更注重的是生產上的批量老化試驗,檢測成品的合格率。

      In recent years, the high temperature aging room has been widely covered by electronics, plastic products, electrical appliances, instrumentation, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials, aerospace, medical treatment. In such areas as China, the market demand has increased unprecedentedly. What's the reason for the shortage of high temperature aging rooms? First of all, we have to start with the equipment of aging rooms. High temperature aging room, as its name implies, is in a room that can produce high temperature, the product will be aged in the specified temperature and time test. The outdoor frame structure of aging room is composed of insulation storehouse board compartments, equipped with main distribution box, test stand, temperature controller, timer, various electrical switches, heating electric heater, disc rack, door puller, circulating fan, exhaust fan, socket and other equipment to simulate a high temperature and bad environment (40-70 5 C, ON-OFF action of power supply), so that the product can simulate negative in this environment. The test time can be set arbitrarily within 0-99.9 hours for power-on operation. Through this test procedure, defective products or parts can be identified. It is a necessary equipment for process and quality control. Compared with the common high temperature box in the laboratory, it pays more attention to the batch aging test in production and the qualification rate of finished products. 那么,為什么市場上高溫老化房如此熱銷呢?接下來,上??骗h小編為你分析原由。

      So, why are high temperature aging houses so popular on the market? Next, Shanghai Kehuan Xiaobian is the reason for your analysis.


      Nowadays, China's market economy is in a rapid development stage. The product is in short supply, which leads to the rapid growth of the real economy, especially electronic products, which spreads like mushrooms after a spring rain. In order to meet the market demand, many enterprises continue to put into production in large quantities. In this environment, China has promulgated strict test production standards to control product quality, of which high temperature aging test is one of the most basic. Therefore, for the rapid development of electronics, LED, automotive electronics, computers, communications and other industries, high temperature aging room is particularly important.


      Aging Housing Customer Case


      The parts and components used in the high temperature aging real estate products are products that have been tested for many years in the market and generally accepted by the market. Most of them belong to imported or joint venture products. Our selection ensures the stability and aging resistance of the whole product in use. Welcome to Huanrui Production Base for investigation.

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