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      We all know that before the electronic products go on sale, they will be sent to the high temperature aging room for high temperature aging, so that we can improve the quality of products and reduce the incidence of accidents. High temperature aging room is the standard of a large-scale enterprise. Every large enterprise will be in a high grade with high temperature aging room. Now the situation is that aging rooms are basically used, but how to maximize the efficiency of high-temperature aging rooms? How to maximize the effectiveness of high temperature aging room?


      High temperature aging room, you can know by name, the most important thing is to maintain a high temperature, create a bad environment. To be honest, it is not yet known whether there are other additional means. As a high temperature aging room, if you want to play its most powerful role, you basically have to start from its production standards, standards, not illegal operation, timely maintenance, which is the kingdom.


      In the operation of aging rooms, we should pay attention to the clean and bright room, spacious, in a very small volume, and its small size. At the same time, keep absolute quiet, not a trace of sound, in order to avoid affecting the effect, we should also pay attention to the ventilation above, ensure the necessary ventilation environment, while often testing the ventilation environment to ensure the absolute ventilation uniformity in the aging room, which is very important.


      The design of high-temperature rooms should be optimized and rationalized, and the equipment or unreasonableness that has an impact on high-temperature aging should be corrected in time. All kinds of parts and components are recommended to be of high quality and guaranteed. Before purchasing and installing, they should be carefully checked and checked. They can't cause problems in these small parts, which are not worth the money and cause huge losses. In normal times, we should often maintain and maintain these equipment, strive for the earliest detection of problems, solve problems, and strangle problems in the cradle. 

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